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Web Page Authoring Information

Requesting space on the mypage server

There is no longer a separate process you need to go through to request space on the mypage server. Your account will be automatically created for you the first time you connect to the server ( using an FTP application and authenticate using your Network ID (SIU85xxxxxxx) and password.


Publishing your web page

In order to be able to publish your web page on this server, you will need to use an FTP client program. Using your SIUC Network ID and password, you can ftp to and upload your pages to your home directory. Your new page can be accessed by the URL: where userid is your SIUC Network ID (note the tilda character must be included, and your Network ID must start with uppercase "SIU"). You will need to keep the name of your main page index.html or index.htm, otherwise the web server will not be able to display it. You may create subdirectories under your home directory for other pages, images, sound files, etc. Your account will be limited to 200 megabytes of web content.

Once your pages are developed and you are ready to make them world viewable, you can create a link to your pages usering your email address. To do so, create an @publish file in your home directory (the content of the file is not important). A nightly job will create the link, after which your page can be accessed by the URL: For example, if your email address is '' you could view your web page at or at


Adding your webpage to the master index listing

Once you have loaded your pages to the server and are ready for them to be included in index lists and searches from the main page, you should create two files called addtoidx and @webname in your home directory. The 'addtoidx' file should contain a short plain text description that will be included in web page searches and listings and the '@webname' file should contain your full name in the format "Last Name, First Name". Please note that these files must not have any file extension. That is, the addtoidx file must not be named 'addtoidx.txt' or 'addtoidx.html'. Your ftp client should allow you to rename the file without the txt extension after you upload it if necessary.

If you do not wish for your pages to be included in the index listing, simply do not create (or delete) the 'addtoidx' and '@webname' files from your home directory.


Web page backups and retirement

Web page owners are responsible for maintaining their own backup copies of pages on the server. Web pages will remain active as long as you are a registered student or are employed at the university. If you do not publish any pages within six months of requesting your account on this server, your account is subject to removal. You can request access again at any time following such removal. Please note the other conditions in Policies Governing Personal Web Pages under which your web pages may be removed.


Files with identified viruses

Any files with identified viruses or malware will be removed.