Dr. Ann R. Fischer

Southern Illinois University


+ Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Fischer is a member of both the Psychology Department faculty and the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies program faculty at SIU. If you are interested in the APA-accredited Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program, click here.

Dr. Fischer's laboratory and research program focus primarily on diversity issues such as gender, sexuality, and culture as related to social identity, power, prejudice, internalization of societal norms, and mental health. See lab page here. In recent years, Dr. Fischer and her collaborators have published work in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, The Counseling Psychologist, and Psychology of Women Quarterly. In 2009, she and coauthor Dr. Kurt DeBord received the Oliva Espin Social Justice Award for their 2007 chapter in The Handbook of Psychotherapy with LGBT Clients. In 2005, she was named a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

In addition to maintaining an independent research program, Dr. Fischer also contributes to the scientific community through editorial service to numerous professional journals. In previous years, she has been on the editorial boards of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, The Counseling Psychologist, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, andPsychology of Men and Masculinity. She also is an ad hoc reviewer for several other scientific and professional journals, such as Psychological Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

For more details about Dr. Fischer's research, see CV here, and join her research lab community on Facebook, below:

Diversity, Power & Identity Lab (Fischer Research Collective) 

A Few Recent Publications


Dr. Fischer has developed undergraduate and graduate courses on topics such as research methodology, diversity issues, psychology of women, psychology of gender, intelligence testing, counseling skills, clinical/counseling psychology, cross-cultural psychology, ethics, clinical supervision, and individual differences. In 2011, she received the Florence Denmark Distinguished Mentoring Award from the Association for Women in Psychology.

Upcoming classes: Her typical teaching rotation for fall semesters includes Psyc 536 (Fundamentals of Counseling) and Psyc 561 (Supervision of Psychotherapy). For Spring semesters, it is usually Psyc 530 (Theories of Psychotherapy) and either Psyc 550/WGSS 550 (Psychological Construction of Gender) or Psyc 333/WGSS 341 (Psych of Women).