Roger Poppen


Full Moon on a Winter Morning  A prose poem about driving kids to school.

Golden Years Marriage is hard to do.

Golden Years--The Sequel  Making up is hard to do.

Critque Night Be careful what you say.

Road Like a Silver Ribbon Ride to the end of the line.

Menage a Trois No statute of limitations on jealousy.

Peacocks and Dragons Everyone has a secret.

Animal Olympics Moral: Not all animals are created equal.

Confession Sometimes it's not good for the soul.

The Cat With Three Legs Here kitty, kitty.

Christmas Carol Dickens update in 55 words.

On the Origin of Springtime In the beginning…

C.S.A. Terrorism, southern style.

Twilight of the Idols Get a grip.

Jesus or Juju Say your prayers.

Knight of the Living Dead Life worse than death.