The Clemens Clan Visits Matt at His First Career Job
March 2002

On the weekend of Mar 16, Marsha and I and Kim and Marsha's mom paid a visit to Matt at his first job in his new career of golf course management. He works at "The Country Club of Indianapolis" at 2801 Country Club Rd. It was founded in 1891, and is the oldest country club in Indianapolis.

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Here's a couple shots outside.

The club house has been recently remodeled, at a multimillion dolar expense; but retains it's staid, old well-cultured origins.


Here's Matt's main hangout, the pro shop. He just created the inventory databases for the shop, and stocked it with all new merchandise.

Here he is the star of the show and the hope of pro golfers for decades to come: My Nephew Matt Funkhouser.