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Determining Style Preference (Form A)

Enter the data from your TSI-A responses in Form A below in the following manner:

  • Find your answer to "Situation 1" on the TSI-A form;
  • circle the letter response you choose (i.e., A, B, C, or D) in the horizontal row marked "Vignette 1;" 
  • repeat the same procedure until your responses to all 12 situations are entered in the table; 
  • count the number of circled items in the column labeled "Style 1," and enter the number in the row labeled "Total" of that column; and

  • repeat the same procedure for the remaining three columns, entering in the appropriate number of circles for each column in the row labeled "Total."
Form A
Vignette Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4
1 A B C D
2 A B D C
3 A B C D
4 C A B D
5 A B C D
6 D A B C
7 A C B D
8 A B C D
9 A D C B
10 D B A C
11 A D C B
12 B C D A
Style 1 -TELLING
high directive/
low support
high directive/
high support
low directive/
high support
low directive/
low support

When you have completed this form go to Form B