CSS Play - Many CSS menus with the all important current state.
CSS Menu Modified - A folder that includs my modification of one of the menus found in previous link. If you replace the images with yours and adjust sizes in CSS file properly, you can make this your own.
Project Seven Menus - CSS drop down menu with almost no javascript.
List Based Navigation from A list Apart -lots of explanation and code snippets for navigation.
Listamatic - Easy Menus, but no current state.
Smashing Mazazine - Navigation samples.
html drive - Navigation with jquery and lots more.
Picante - Menus and lots more. Really Good!

javascript & Responsive Design

Responsive Design - this is where it's all going.
jQuery - javascript library and plug-ins
Box Slider - horizontal sliding carousels from JQuery
Styling Scrollabe Areas - from CSS tricks. make your scroll bars with custom graphics
Dynamic Drive - Simple Slide Show
Favicon Generator - favicons
JQuery Cycle Plugin - for slide shows, image galleries and transitions
Lightbox from Codefidelity
Gallerific - gallery display jQuery plugin

web developer articles and techniques

Zen Elements - Using non-standard fonts and other CSS3 techniques
Think Dreamweaver - Photoshop to DW series of 6 videos
Design Festival - Good tutorials of all kinds
A List Apart - Design Method
Absolute and Relative Positioning - CSS tricks' Chris Coyier helps explain how to use them together
Sliding Doors Technique- make navigation with your own images
Saving Images for Web - great article from Six Revisions
CSS Reset - explanation and variations from Six Revisions and links to Eric Meyer

latest Inspirations

Great backgrounds - plenty of ideas here!
Using Multiple Background Images
Using background images
Designing a Knockout Portfolio Site (99%)
10 Things to include on your site
Photoshop to HTML to Wordpress
tuts+ try a premium membership
Scalable layout --works on phones, pads
Curvy layouts

gregory wendt's sites & pages My personal web site
Beginning Digital Art Site - some helpful tutorials here
Design Review Day Our time to review designs together
Website Feedback form We will use this a few times

css & xhtml

WC3 - world wide web consortium contains reference for CSS and HTML
HTML for beginners - HTML guides
CSS Zen Garden - illustrates the power of CSS
Smashing Magazine - articles, tutorials, links to CSS topics
A List Apart - articles, tutorials, examples
CSS Tricks - articles, screen casts, tutorials, and links to CSS
HTML - Ipsum - sample dummy text copied directly to your clipboard
24 Ways - daily articles for web developer efficiency
Six Revisions - web developer articles and tutoriasl
CSS3 - advancements and information on CSS3

example sites

Web Designers Wall
Simple Bits - handcrafted type foundry
Synthview - graphic design freelance, based in Paris
Blue Pixel - Annapolis based design studio
Style Boost - web design showcase
Project Koreck - design and illustration
Weight Shift - design, identity, web
NDesign Studio - toronto based web design and illustration
Eight Hour Day - Minneapolis based design and illustration
Glass Tiger - environmentally freindly surfboards
BluePrint Design Studio - expanding background graphics and Wordpress
Stephen Caver - designer

trends and styles

Best Web Gallery - Good Examples of Web 2.0 sites. XHTML and CSS with some Flash
Design Meltdown - design elements, trends and problems for web
Site Inspire - showcase of new design
The Best Designs - showcase of new web designs
Minimalism in Web Design - Great article and examples of 40 great designs from Six visions


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