dreamweaver CS5 site definition

1. Click on "Site" in the menu, then choose "New site..."
2. Site Name can be anything you prefer. Something descriptive is recommended (i.e. "your name portfolio").
3. Local Site Folder is the Folder that you are storing your site in on your computer. Choose the folder where your site is being stored LOCALLY
local site info
4. Under the Servers tab, Click on the plus sign to add a server conection
remote info box
5. Server Name can be anything you choose (use something descriptive)
6. Connection Type: FTP
7. FTP Address: exactly as it appears below
8. Username: your network ID beginning in SIU850
9. Password: your network ID password
10. Root Directory: you should not have to do anything here
11. Web URL: http://mypage.siu.edu/you network username (same as your SIU email)