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terms and definitions

Server - Location with a defined internet address which stores files for client consumption.
Client - A software application that requests and displays content requested from a server. The most common form of client is a web browser.
Local - Area where you work on files. The machine you are sitting at is local.
Root - The root level of any partition is the "highest" level in the hierarchy. The root folder contains all other folders and can also contain files.
HTTP - Hyper Text Transport Protocol. The main transport method for HTML/XHTML content from server to client and visa versa.
URL - Uniform Resource Locator. Represents the named location of an asset on the web. The URL contains location information ONLY; it does not indicate any other attributes of the media, such as size and type.
FTP - File Transfer Protocol. A simple method to add, modify, and delete files on a remote server.

dreamweaver site definition

Setting up Dreamweaver to manage your website both locally and remotely.

anatomy of a tag

basis for XHTML syntax

box model

CSS properties defined

CSS Chart

CSS/HTML breakdown of symbols, placement, terms (selector, property, value)

css page layout

Sample HTML page. Two column layout with a header and a footer. CSS style rules applied in the style tag. Use code view to see the HTML and CSS. GET THIS HELPER FILE

css list-based navigation

Class handout covering HTML and CSS for a horizontal navigation menu. Click to download PDF

sliding doors technique

Sample page using the Sliding Doors Technique to create a navigation menu using 1 background image for all navigation.
The background image moves to a new location in the 'door' when the mouse moves over the menu item.
Notice that each list item <li> has a unique ID which is targeted with CSS.
Take a look at the image below. And try this example too.
Example courtesy Catherine Felts 2010 - All rights reserved- ©

cool sprites

Taking the sliding doors a bit further.