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e pluribus haiku 2012

Over 600 haiku from fifty states, many from a journey in the late 70's. This haiku is true to the 5-7-5 syllable form, on the assumption that a single consistent form can give an entire body of work unity. In addition, because of the diversity of North America, each poem must have a geographical clue as well as a season clue; fortunately, North America provides a rich variety of place names to choose from!

Paperback version, available on Amazon, $3.59 + shipping
Kindle Edition, available on Amazon, $2.99

e pluribus haiku (2011)

This was the original publication, in paper, done for a benefit poetry reading on Feb. 15, 2012 in Carbondale.

Short Stories

(from most recent to earliest)

Saturday Morning (2012), appearing in The Burg: A Writer's Diner, by Marybeth Slonneger

Available on Amazon, or from Iowa Book and Supply, Iowa City

Pile of Leaves: Stories of a rake (2011)

Seventeen short stories written from 2006-2009; includes the following:

Pile of Leaves (2008), Hold the Pickle (2009), Come what May (2009), Reasonable Doubt (2009), House of Bricks (2009), Good Provider (2009), Freedom of speech (2008), The Sun Sets on the Western Horizon (2008), Lion's Tale (2008), Freshly Doug (2008), Big Mac and Fries (2008), Audience (2007), Check your Mirrors (2007), The Old Home Place (2007), Extended Family (2006), Through Train (2006), A Night on the Town (2006)

Paperback version (on Amazon) coming soon
Kindle version, $2.99 on Amazon

A Dozen Crime Stories from a well-known, big-box, discount retail chain (2007)
This includes 12 short stories and is in the process of being reprinted. The first edition was printed in December of 2007 and has run out. All stories were written in 2007. It includes the following:

Apple of her mother's eye, Jack, Inventory, The Juggler, Drop Off, Pass the Syrup, Customer Service, Have a Good Day, Road Atlas, Wee Hours, Lord of the Ringers, Free Parking

Kindle Version, $2.99 on Amazon

Unloading, and nine other stories (2005)
An original collection of the earliest stories, some written for esl students. Write if you're interested.

included are the following:
Unloading (2005), Choke and Cell (2005), Abstract and Concrete (2004)*, Three Friends (2000), Passion and Circumstance* (2000) Schoolhouse*, Reflection, Ruffi (2000), Faith of the Crocodile, Superstition (2000)

*These have been subsequently republished in the Ibn University (Yemen) English newsletter. More about this newsletter can be seen at this pdf.

Others of note:
Rebecca and Alice (~1998) - written for ESL
Yeah Write! weblog: see the most recent



Just passing through: Autobiography and travel stories



most recent and in progress:

Down in our hearts (in progress)
Second First-Day at the Interfaith (2008)
Good Tidings of Yule (2007)
Monster of Kanifloria (2006)
Published (in its own way)

Thou Heardest My Voice, and six other plays (April 2005)
These, like most of the above, were done for the benefit of the young friends of Southern Illinois Friends Meeting, at the Interfaith Center in Carbondale, where each was performed. Some have been performed elsewhere. I've compiled the original scripts, including the names, but would like to clean them up and present them to Friends nationwide. Included are the following:

Thou Heardest My Voice (2005), a play about Iraq

Quakers Rock the 17th Century (2004), a play about the early days of Quakerism

Turning Point (2003), a play about the 1970 bombing of Sterling Hall, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (This play was also performed in DuBois, IL in 2004)

The Life and Times of Lucretia Coffin Mott (2000) (This play was also performed in St. Louis, MO in 2001)

The Life and Times of John Woolman (1999)

The Story of Benjamin West, Quaker Artist (1998)

White Feather (1997)

ESL/EFL & Lingistics articles on the web:

Same world, different glasses: Global Study Articles.

I am working to get these uploaded again after they were removed from the web recently.

Professional home page.

My book on linguistics (preview)

all writing, more or less collected

Miscellaneous poetry & stories on the web

e pluribus haiku in its original linked format

a href, my poetry site
My home of link poetry, link haiku, and total link haiku (seventeen syllables, seventeen links). I am also interested in the Actualist movement, which was in Iowa City at the same time I was, but have done very little actual writing on it.


Fiddler, banjo picker
Most recently played with the Parsley & Sagebrush Band; cd published in 2007.
Life Goes On

Hear our CD at our MySpace site

Played with bands ranging from the Merry Quakers to the Dogs of Love; I have played banjo since the 1970's, but only picked up the fiddle much more recently.

Pop Art, Graphics

Pop Art
Pop Art Gallery weblog, showcase and storehouse for web pop art; see the latest.

pop hub. Much of this was moved from its web home and is being replaced slowly.

Calendars: these span about fifteen years and feature pop art and other graphic accomplishments. Most are unmarked (not signed or attributed), but the art on them is slowly finding its way back to the pop hub site above.

Orbital covers; at one time my brother published the Hong Kong Orbital, and I was responsible for producing several of its covers. Many of these are relegated to a dusty file, but there is a possibility that they will be uploaded, and made available here.

Xanga old postcard site; this is where I got started on graphics.

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