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Reorganization has been constant & overwhelming. Bear with me! -Tom

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family links
Jen eliinthebath2 corey2


Jen , with links to the SIU Department of Sociology.
Justin's audio blog
Josie documents Layla Rose, my granddaughter, at her blog
Noah's weblog

the family from whence I came:
Mom & Dad chessboard klez bill

My father Jim ("he wrote the book!") and my mother, in New Mexico:
My oldest brother Bruce has links to chess pages and the activities of his family.
My sister Margot has links to klezmer music.
My younger brother Bill who with his wife Lisa and baby Bea, live in England.

other interesting family links...

Josie's wedding page
Layla Rose movie
Klezmer Mountain Boys, Margot's band
Bruce is a chess master and has a page that lists his rank
Bea and Eli's blogs

Parsley Sagebrush Band

Parsley Sagebrush MySpace (hear our songs)
Parsley Sagebrush blog (my music site)
Long Way to Centralia, train movie (my banjo song)


Wallace genealogy introduction
Wallace genealogy
Leverett genealogy
The Leverett family, Warren Sentinel

more pictures coming!
josesilk Courting Disaster

my ship

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