NVFAQ* on Language Etc.
(*Not Very Frequently Asked Questions)
Lee Hartman, <lhartman [at] siu [dot] edu>

Anthroponomy (names of people)
  • John Smith et al.:  Anomalies in the distribution of the most frequent given names and surnames in the U.S.
  • Truly Wisconsin surnames:  Some 200 family names that are more numerous in Wisconsin than in any other state

Corpus studies


Sound change
  • Phono:  This application for testing models of historical sound change, bundled with a model for Spanish, is currently (2016) undergoing a major make-over.  I am accepting suggestions for a programming language that is:
    • easy to learn
    • "visual" (WYSIWYG)
    • good at string manipulation
    • able to put interactive programs on the Web
    • cheap or free