Land Snails of Southern Illinois

Brief overview

Thanks to a generous State Wildlife Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we will be assessing land snail diversity and abundance at sixty sites in southern Illinois. This project, based from the Department of Zoology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, was begun in August 2006 and is expected to be completed by Summer 2008. Three previous collectors have studied the land snails of southern Illinois, but none performed any quantitative assessments. This study will provide the first quantitative data on snail abundances and diversity in the state, as well as on associated ecological variables such as soil chemistry, and habitat complexity. Some of the species in the study area are known or believed to be threatened or endangered. These results will available for use by the IDNR and other groups for monitoring and conservation of land snail populations.

Euchemotrema hubrichti (Pilsbry, 1940) juvenile (photo: M.L. Coppolino)

Project area

Land snail and ecological data collections are being carried out in St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Jackson, Union and Alexander counties, an approximate 150 mile stretch along the eastern border of the Mississippi River in southern Illinois. The area comprises a variety of habitat types, including limestone bluffs, upland oak-hickory forest and swamp areas, which are known to support a diversity of land snail species. In terms of variety of bedrock and soil types, vegetation and other faunal life, this part of southern Illinois ranks as having the highest diversity in the state. The sites are IDNR-owned (parks, recreational and state fish & wildlife areas), nature preserves and Shawnee National Forest areas.

Counties for the study area are indicated in red.


The Principal Investigator is Dr. Frank E. Anderson, Professor of Zoology, Southern Illinois University. The study is being carried out by Marla L. Coppolino, Graduate Research Assistant, as research work toward her Master of Science degree. Project assistants are Stephanie Clutts and Daniel Govoni.


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I am gratefully indebted to many people who have offered their generous assistance and advice on this project thus far. To name a few:
Stephanie Clutts, Dan Govoni, Ryan Engelke, Dr. Paula Mikkelsen, Dr. Stephanie Clark, Dr. Alan Kohn, Dr. Arthur Bogan,
Dr. Jochen Gerber and all Malacology staff at the Field Museum, Dr. John Utgaard, Dr. Brian Klubek, Dr. Robert Cameron,
Dr. Beatta Pokryszko, Karen Frailey, Jenny Skufca, Dr. Frank (Andy) Anderson, Dr. John Reeve, Dr. Timothy Pearce ...and to many others, thank you for all your help! -MLC

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