Land Snails of Southern Illinois

Three previous collectors

Listed here are three principal collectors of land snails in southern Illinois. Their publications (or report) relevant to my study are indicated here also. I have based my land snail species checklist upon the combination of their findings as well as my own thus far in the study. The current absence or presence of some species remains to be confirmed.

Frank Collins Baker (1867-1942)

Baker was an important North American malacologist, ecologist and paleontologist. He collected in Illinois and authored the only fieldbook of Illinois land snails.

More information on Baker

Baker, Frank C. 1939. Fieldbook of Illinois land snails. Illinois Natural History Survey Division Manual 2. 166 pp.

Leslie Raymond Hubricht (1908-2005)

Hubricht was a prolific malacologist, naturalist and collector, not only of land snails, but also of other mollusks, millipedes and other invertebrates. He authored numerous articles on many aspects of malacology. His collections, numbering around 43,000, are housed today at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

Hubricht, Leslie. 1985. The distributions of the native land mollusks of the Eastern United States. Fieldiana Zoology New Series #24, Field Museum of Natural History Publication 1359, 191 pp.

Max D. Hutchison

In the 1980s, a local southern Illinois ecologist, Max Hutchison, was at work on a project for the Natural Land Institute to map out "habitat types", in southern Illinois, in part. In the course of his incidental field collecting, Hutchison amassed a collection of over 200 dry land snail plus some freshwater specimens. In his unpublished report, Hutchison noted some associations of land snail species with certain habitats.

Unpublished report:
Hutchison, Max D. 1989. A survey of land snails in southern Illinois.

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