An ancient road to Pennsylvania Dutch faithhealing, spiritual healing, prayer healing, powwow, pow wow,
or often called "brauchen," i.e.  designed to help for those "in need." Say hello to Mountain Mary.

Mountain Mary Road
This is the road sign at the intersection of Hill Church Road and Mountain Mary Road.  If you turn right at this point and drive up the mountain you will pass near her house.  It was up there where she memorized the Bible so that she could recite verses for healing purposes.  It was up there where she prayed for us all,  Christians have always respected the power of words.  Witness our elaborate rules regarding blasphemy.  Also, Christians use the same word, “cursing” in English or “fluchen” in Pennsylvania Dutch, to refer both to blasphemy and also to the act of damning or calling down evil on someone.  Words directly from the Bible are accorded special power, and thus we have the Pow Wower’s so-called “incantations” which were often simply verses from the bible repeated in a purposeful, prayerful manner.  Mary used those powers solely for healing.

Mountain Mary House
This is supposedly the house (or a part of it) in which Mountain Mary lived.  Her garden
was on the hillside now covered by trees.  She practiced braucherei.  She knew the value of numerous roots and herbs and believed in good nutrition.  The garden she cultivated with fruits and vegetables and used in her practice, “der gartenische du Maricha,” was as legendary as her faith.  She is said to have shared freely with those in need
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Mountain Mary's MountainThis is what Mountain Mary saw from her window.  That's me and my nephew Brian!  Mountain Mary was reputed to be generally optimistic and positive about life and its meanings, “Sings verk ought foah da best.”  Her heritage was in the Lutheran doctrine of justification by faith alone.  She emphasized salvation.  Above all else, she was a believer!  And she used faith to aid healing.  The view from her house was probably a source of inspiration for her.  The background of this picture gives you a vague sense of the beauty she witnessed.  If you want to argue about faith healing, click here.
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