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Seeking Graduate Students!!         For Projects On:        Skunks    &   Armadillos!!!

Eric M. Schauber

Professor and Wildlife Ecologist

Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory

Department of Zoology


Center for Ecology

Phone:  618-453-6940

Tiffanie Atherton -- PhD student studying population genetics and taxonomy of eastern woodrats

Eric Canania -- MS student checking out how predators affect white-tailed deer behavior and survival

Holly Tuers -- MS student studying social dynamics, contact patterns, and potential disease transmission in deer

Tati Gettelman -- MS student testing how river otters respond to trapping pressure

Dr. Dana Morin -- Postdoctoral Fellow who will be tearing into camera trap data to answer cool questions about interactions among wild & domestic carnivores

Miranda Vesy -- MS student who will be unraveling the youthful adventures and misadventures of horned lizards

Hot off the Presses:
Tosa, M. I. M. T. Springer, E. M. Schauber, and C. K. Nielsen.  2018.  Increased overwinter mortalities of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawns during a drought year.  Canadian Journal of Zoology  DOI:  10.1139/cjz-2017-0009
Website last updated:  22 December 2017