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Seeking graduate students for two big projects funded through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program:
  • 12-month Assistantship (Beginning January 2018)
  • Competitive stipend (currently $1558/month)
  • Tuition waiver and support for research acitvities


  • Survival analysis
  • GIS
  • Radiotelemetry
  • Survival Analysis
  • Statistical programming (e.g., in R)

Send CV, transcripts, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references to:

Eric Schauber


Wildlife Ecologist & Professor of Zoology
Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory
Mailcode 6504
Carbondale, IL 62901

Illinois Deer Investigations

DeerCrop     bobcat     coyote

I am seeking 2 graduate students (seeking Master's or Ph.D. degrees) to continue our long-term research on white-tailed deer ecology, space use, and disease dynamics.

Main objectives:
  • Assess how predators (coyotes and bobcats) affect the behavior and survival of white-tailed deer
  • Quanitify and compare potential modes of disease transmission (direct contact within vs. between sexes, indirect transmission) in white-tailed deer
Project will involve using GPS collars and proximity loggers, as well as camera traps and standard VHF telemetry, to examine spatial interactions within and between species and to document survival & causes of mortality, in both southern and central Illinois.

Furbearing & Nongame Mammal Investigations

Along with co-Principal Investigator Agustin Jimenez, I am seeking 3 graduate students (1 MS or PhD, 2 Ph.D.) to continue research ongoing research on river otters and initiate new studies of skunks and armadillos (a recent addition to Illinois wildlife!)

Main objectives:
  • River otters:  (M.S. or Ph.D.) Measure how habitat and trapping affect survival rates, dispersal, and space use 
  • Striped skunks:  (Ph.D.) Compare urban and rural habitats in terms of survival, space use, and pathogens & parasites harbored
  • 9-banded armadillos:  (Ph.D.) Measure movement rates, identify travel corridors and suitable habitat, and characterize parasite and pathogen communities
Han with Otter     skunk     armadillo