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George H. Waring

Department of Zoology
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

College Courses Taught and/or Developed (1964-2006)

At Southern Illinois University (1966-2006):

  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introductory Zoology
  • Diversity of Animals: The Vertebrates
  • Natural History of Vertebrates
  • Upland Game Birds and Selectively-Managed Species
  • Ornithology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Senior Seminar in Zoology
  • Seminar in Animal Behavior
  • Concepts in Animal Behavior
  • Graduate Seminar in Applied Ethology
  • Marine Mammals
  • Behavioral Manipulation of Animals
  • Care and Management of Pets
  • Companion Animal Care and Management
  • Horses
  • Readings in Animal Industries
  • Special Research in Animal Industries
  • Special Topics in Zoology
  • Individual Research in Zoology
  • Internship in Zoology
  • Honors Research in Zoology
  • Teaching Zoology in College
  • Research and Thesis in Animal Industries
  • Research and Thesis in Zoology
  • Research and Dissertation in Zoology
  • Graduate Seminar in Zoology
      a. Ethology of Symbiosis
      b. Bioacoustics          

 At Auburn University (1990):

  • Horse Behavior

 At the University of Munich (1972-1973):

  • Einführung in die Verhaltenskunde
  • Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten
      (mit Prof. Dr. Dr. H. H. Sambraus)

 At Colorado State University (1964-1966):

  • General Zoology Laboratory
  • Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory
  • Vertebrate Zoology Laboratory
  • Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates Laboratory
  • Animal Behavior Laboratory

Lori C. Reed -- 2004 Sigma Xi Outstanding Science Teacher with mentor Dr. Waring

Mentoring at Southern Illinois University (1966-2006)

* Supervisor of Student Thesis/Dissertation Projects and Other Research
* Supervisor of Undergratuate Research

Teaching During Retirement (2006-present)

* Invited Speaker (local, national, and international)
* Sample of topics Dr. Waring is willing to present to groups upon request
* Classroom and Field Trip Instructor

for example, as guest lecturer in Animal Science 200, Zoology 478,
the 2015 Curriculum for Southern Illinois Master Naturalists, as well as
course instructor for 5-week "Learning in Retirement" course

* Dr. Waring's teaching philosophy and teaching awards
* Dr. Waring's home page
* SIUC Ethology Lab
* SIUC Department of Zoology

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